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Our company is located in Qiaoxia Industrial Production Base, Longshan Town, Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, China, specializing in producing 6063,6061 cast aluminum rod Φ 4- Φ 800 (2mm40mm) 1060 aluminum plates, aluminum granular, solid aluminum granular and aluminum sheet ( width is less than 1000mm), product specifications as many as two hundred species, widely used in daily chemical, machinery, electronics and other industries, such as toothpaste, shoe polish, glue,medicine, capacitors, auto parts, cosmetics,highvoltage capacitors, sports water bottles,pesticide bottle and so on. Annual sales of aluminum plates,aluminum granular, and aluminumsheet are more than 20000 tons, we have a good business with many enterprises of large and medium cities, sincerely hope you can join us.


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zhejiang Dingya Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd